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New Old World

2016 comes to an end at Time Haven Media

Oh no! PolygonFlux was Removed from Sale Oct 24, 2016
because it hasn't been updated in such a LONG time.
All our apps are throwing the May Slow Down your iDevice alert.
We do apologize! Time to get back to work.

App History

PolygonJazz 1.0 — Released January 22, 2014.
Listen to the Music of the Polygons!

Geom-e-Tree 1.3 — Released April 21, 2013.
Gesture driven geometric trees!

Geom-e-Twee 1.3 — Released May 8, 2013.
Always Free for Kids!

PolygonFlux 1.1 — Released May 29, 2013
Removed from Sale Oct 24, 2016 till updated.
Based on Polygonal Billiards.

PolygonTrix 1.2 — Released December 16, 2012
Game-ified version of Flux.

Trix has a very rare and spurious 'scratching' bug.
Trix is Free till we can squash this bug.
See Known Issues on PolygonTrix Support page. Feedback welcome!

Contact: TimeHavenMedia @ Gmail.com