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New Old World

2016 Dawns upon Time Haven Media

We are branching out!
Our first book should be headed to Apple and Amazon in 2016.
Paper edition also coming!

All of our iOS apps need refreshing. They are not forgotten.
We do apologize for the delay!

App History

PolygonJazz 1.0 — Released January 22, 2014.
Listen to the Music of the Polygons!

Geom-e-Tree 1.3 — Released April 21, 2013.
Gesture driven geometric trees!

Geom-e-Twee 1.3 — Released May 8, 2013.
Always Free for Kids!

PolygonFlux 1.1 — Released May 29, 2013
Based on Polygonal Billiards.

PolygonTrix 1.2 — Released December 16, 2012
Game-ified version of Flux.

Trix has a very rare and spurious 'scratching' bug.
Trix is Free till we can squash this bug.
See Known Issues on PolygonTrix Support page. Feedback welcome!

Contact: TimeHavenMedia @ Gmail.com